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Bug in Sumatra 0.8

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Bug in Sumatra 0.8

It creates a folder called ${DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR} in my Data folder.
And shouldn't the sumatrapdfprefs.dat go in my Data folder?


Yes. It looks like John removed the DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR Variable from the Launcher code but left it in line 142: StrCpy "$SETTINGSDIRECTORY" "$EXEDIR\Data\${DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR}".
Thats why it creates that folder.

Ryan McCue
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It makes the string literal. I could release an update, but meh. Blum

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I'll wait

I'll wait for the fixed version before trying Sad


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Still getting empty dir in APPSDATA with 0.8 Rev

Hi all,

I downloaded the 0.8 Rev 2 update, used the launcher to execute, and I still get the empty "SumatraPDF" directory in APPDATA.

Another observation - If I bypass the PA launcher and just run SumatraPDF.exe on the C: drive it will write its .DAT file to APPDATA, but if I run SumatraPDF.exe from a USB key it writes the .DAT file to the USB directory where the EXE is located. Is the behavior hard coded into the SumatraPDF executable?

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