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Thunderbird & Server Exchange

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Thunderbird & Server Exchange

I use thunderbird portable at home without problems. At the work, however, is running a server exchange. I'm able to recive personal mail but i can not send. I can not set the SMTP server output. What should I do? TBP works with exchange server? I've tried to add a new server smt in the account settings.

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That depends

If you're trying to send personal mail, using your personal email account and your provider's SMTP server, then it will most likely reject it unless you are connected directly to their network (e.g. from home with them as an ISP). Your best chance in this case would be to ask if your email provider supports authenticated SMTP connections, in which case you should be able to send from anywhere, and just ignore the Exchange server.

If you're trying to send mail using your corporate exchange server as an SMTP server, then talk to whatever technical guy at work manages the server - some of us don't bite Wink - who will be able to tell you what settings you would need to use, and may even help you configure thunderbird if you ask him/her nicely (offers of beer frequently help with this).

Adding extra SMTP server in thunderbird isn't easy, nor is getting it to use the correct one.

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