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Pidgin/Gaim Logs

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Pidgin/Gaim Logs

I have been using portable gaim for awhile now on my usb drive. I like the fact that the apps are self contained and don't really install anything anywhere. Anyways, I've been using the logging option and like the fact that the logs are backed up in the data folder on my flash drive. But now that I'm going to install it on my computer, is there any way I can change the location of where the logs are stored? Is this even possible?

Patrick Patience
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Outta Luck?

I think you might be outta luck. The only thing I think you can really do is change the whole directory of your Pidgin settings with the PIDGINHOME variable, so you'd be stuck with a path like X:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\.purple\logs.

Hang on, I'll ask the Pidgin folks in IRC. Nope, he only had a solution for GNU\Linux.

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