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Slow Flash Drive?

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Slow Flash Drive?

So I have a feeling my flash drive is slow. I've noticed that using my portable Firefox on it is sluggish. I ditched a bunch of extensions and still it is slow.

Also, transferring big files seems to me to take longer than it should. I'm moving a 60MB file over and it is taking more than an hour. I know it is a big file, but still...

Are my expectations too high? Are there differences in speeds of flash drives? I have a 4GB Sandisk U3 drive that I took the U3 off of.

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1 hour for 60 mb is WAYY tooo looong.
I have a 4 gb drive and its small to. If they are not the latest stuff, large drives can be very slow. I heard the rumour that new ones don't have that problem any more but I haven't verified that yet.
How old is yours?
Maybe its time to get a new one...

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It happened the same with my

It happened the same with my Memory Core 1Gb. For starting Firefox it were needed 3/4 minutes!!!

I did well to get a new Kingston.

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1 hour for 60MB is way slow,

1 hour for 60MB is way slow, it takes 6 seconds to transfer 60mb to my 8 GB flash drive.

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