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Pageant and PuttyPortable?

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Pageant and PuttyPortable?

Can we add pageant to puttyportable? Is it portable? It'd be useful to click on "puttyportable.exe" and have both pageant and putty pop up... thanks!

Tim Clark
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Welcome to,

Could you tell us more about Pageant so we could easily know if anyone would be interested in your request?


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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People who use public keys

People who use public keys with Putty can benefit from Pageant. It is part of the complete Putty distribution. PuttyPortable doesn't include Pageant or PuttyGen or some of the other tools that can be handy.

They all work together, though, which means they might use the same registry entries and such, which means there might be some fun keeping them coordinated.


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Ok, Apparently there was

Apparently there was some interest at one time.

I did some searching and found:

Seems to have stalled though


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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Voting to bring Pageant to PuTTY portable

I'd love to be able to use some keys to prevent all the password-ing.


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Here's a dirty hack

This is a real dirty hack, dont flame me, cos it works for me. based on the putty paf.exe Just unzip it in your portable apps directory. It uses a batch file to preload your private keys.

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Boosting signal, asking for guidance

Thankfully, 0.65 is now bundled directly (in spite of what the FAQ says, in regards to version 0.59) with the binaries distributed by the Putty devs -- this is a good thing, as the software needs to be built in a way that the signatures and crypto hashes can verify they have been untampered. It's also good because now pageant is included in the PortableApps download.

My question is: how do I get the Portable Apps launcher to recognize the additional binary (pageant.exe) in the Apps folder? If I find out the answer before someone else replies, I'll post it here.

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Answer for putty 0.65 and PA 12.2
  1. Put your Key in the Documents folder (for instance). So if you have PA installed on what is now the F: drive, put the key in F:\Documents.
  2. Modify %PAL:AppDir%\AppInfo\Launcher\PuttyPortable.ini as follows:
    CommandLineArguments='%PAL:PortableAppsBaseDir%\Documents\uibk.ppk -c %PAL:AppDir%\PuTTY\PUTTY.EXE'


  • Pageant sticks around even if you close all putty windows, and when you re-launch, now we're running pageant again. Without SingleAppInstance=false, PA would prevent a successful launch. Luckily, Pageant is smart enough to realize it's already running and happily launches putty again, without duplicating its own process. However, by setting this option, we make it possible for the user to do something stupid, such as running a local copy of the program, which may have cause the settings to get out of sync.
  • I would have used %PortableApps.comDocuments% but this did not work (Pageant could not find the keyfile.)
  • If you think the key should not be in the Documents folder but in the App-specific Data folder, please comment here with rationale.
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Thanks for the approach. I prefer to keep my (encrypted) keys in the subfolder .\Data\Keys. You need to set WorkingDirectory as well for stringing together key files without repeating the root of the key-folder everytime:

CommandLineArguments='"private1.ppk" "private2.ppk" -c %PAL:AppDir%\putty\putty.exe'
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My Hack to Add Pageant

Upate -> PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\App\AppInfo\appinfo.ini
Do not copy 1st column in the code block, ! = change, # = keep, + = add
Code block is messing with my quotes '=' "="

# [Control]
! Icons=2
# Start=PuTTYPortable.exe
# Name=PuTTY
+ Start1=PagentPortable.exe
+ Name1=Pagert Portable
# BaseAppID=SimonTatham.PuTTY

Copy PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\PuTTYPortable.exe to PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\PageabtPortable.exe
Copy PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\PuTTYPortable.ini to PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\PageantPortable.ini
Upate -> PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\PageantPortable.ini

# [Launch]
! ProgramExecutable=putty\pageant.exe
# DirectoryMoveOK=yes
# SupportsUNC=yes
+ WorkingDirectory='%PAL:PortableAppsBaseDir%\mykeypath'
+ CommandLineArguments=' "mykey1.ppk" "mykey2.ppk" '

Now you can add Pageant as an autostart and load your keys when you start portable apps

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Follow up

Jus to follow up on some of these suggestions, but has anyone got Pageant to load alongside PuTTy portable?

I've tried the suggestions above, but they all seem to give me an error of some sort.

If anyone has this working, I'd love to get a detailed explanation on how to make it work.


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