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"Disable Junk Mail Filter" - Dealbreaker?

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"Disable Junk Mail Filter" - Dealbreaker?

Hi Lads,

are there any plans to fix the disk thrashing that occurs with the junk mail filter? or a work around perhaps (other than disabling it, obviously!)?

With the amount of junk mail that most of us receive each day it doesn't make any sence to have an email client without it.
Kinda makes portable thunderbird unusable.



Disable Junk Mail Filter (IMPORTANT) - The adaptive Junk Mail filter in Thunderbird should be disabled for each account you set up. The Junk Mail filter thrashes whatever media it runs from (1,000 to 3,000 I/O writes just for marking a message as junk) which, for our purposes, will decrease flash ram life and cause the application to run *VERY* slow.

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A TB Issue

Thunderbird is a very good program. It is not perfect. The behavior of TB just happens to cause a problem with flash media if you want it to last longer.

Portable Apps are meant to mainly be used with removable flash media.

Right now the limitations of flash media(removal,read,write,speed,life) make certain aspects of certain programs incompatible. There are a number of programs on this site that are pared down or otherwise made more compatible for flash media.

You can run the junk email filter if you want. This is just a very strong suggestion by the developers of these programs.

Maybe one day flash media development will allow many more read/writes.

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Try it

That comment is more geared towards 1.0, not 1.5. 1.5 seems much better on that feature. Give it a try.

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