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settings not read by putty port.

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settings not read by putty port.

I have tried to import the settings from my desktop putty (same version 0.60) but it refuses to work.
I exported the registry branch and placed it into the setting as putty.reg. When I view the content it looks ok.
Then start the putty portable, the settings are not present.
However when closing putty portable, the putty.reg is renamed into putty.reg.old and new putty.reg file is created.
Seetings done then on the putty portable itself will be kept in this new reg, provided the putty is closed ordinaly and not somehow by the telnet session itself etc.

What am I doing wrong when I try to import my settings from the desktop version?

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I think what I did is

I think what I did is this:

  1. Export current Putty settings (HKCU\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY) to a .reg file in a safe place, like your desktop (I try to do this every few months anyway, just for the backup)
  2. Start PuttyPortable (which sets up the registry for itself)
  3. Import the .reg backup file you created back into the registry
  4. Exit from Putty Portable (at which point the imported registry settings should get merged into the .reg file that it saves)

This is a bit tricky, and working with the registry is always risky. Make a backup and system restore point before you try it. But this is the only way to backup up putty settings in general. You can think of it as taking that .reg backup file to another machine to restore the backup, because when you are running PuttyPortable, it is as good as being a different machine.

Let us know if that works for you.


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have solved it somehow

For some reasons, the putty port did not want read the files created by the regedit.

I left the putty port to make its own new reg file and then used simply notepad to copy paste the contents from the regedit made to the putty made file.
from ther on all works as expected.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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