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Hide Non-Portable Uninstaller

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Hide Non-Portable Uninstaller

I've added Foobar to the PAS menu but it also shows the unwise.exe. Does anyone know how I can hide it on the menu? I'm sure it's safe to just delete it but I'm just curious if this is at all possible. Thanks.

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it's possible to hide thinks

it's possible to hide thinks with some of the forks of the PAM (ie Smithtech's mod and the Geek Menu), but not with PAM itself.

With that being said, if you have copied the files over to your usb drive, and then uninstalled the app from the original pc, you can delete the uninstall.exe with no problems at all.

Patrick Patience
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In addition to the above comment, the latest beta mentioned on the suite page filters anything called 'uninstall.exe'.

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