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QuickPort Template v1.0

Submitted by Deuce on April 26, 2006 - 8:17pm

I have been looking at my USB stick lately, and noticed that Registry Rapper is running alot of the programs. So, taking a cue from nm35 and Portable Notepad2 I decided to create a template that can allow the creation of a portable program within a few minutes.

After much ado, QuickPort was born. QuickPort is an NSIS template that I used to create Portable WinHTTrack. Basically is a small launcher that use registry exports and imports for the users settings. It also has the ability to check for already installed version and ask the user which settings they want to use, the local machine settings or the their personal portable settings. It uses a custom message plugin I found on the NSIS website to create the choice popup box.

To use it you only need to replace the settings where ***WORDING*** is located. Basically in the COMMENTS section at the top, the DEFINES section and VERSION INFORMATION section of the template. The NSIS script written in the Main section uses the defines to create all the necessary code and messages the program needs. Besides finding out which Registry key you need and filling in the info, there is not much more that needs to be done to make it work.

As of now this template is configured for only 1 registry key and is not able to use two without modification, I will be working on a template for two or more keys at a later date.

I hope this helps out alot of the newbies out there that just want their program to be portable and also want to feel like they contributed soemthing to the commuity. For the advanced users, you can change the script to however it suits you for your own personal preferences.


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Sorta what I made UniLaunch for. Sorta.
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