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Virus Warning

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Anonymous (not verified)
Virus Warning

Hello Everybody!

My ClamWin AV detects a Virus in the PortableOpenOffice Directory. This is the scan report:

"F:\Applicationen\PortableOpenOffice\openoffice\program\mozz.dll: Trojan.Small-152 FOUND"

Is it a false Alarm or a reason to be worried about?

Thanks for the great work!

rekun (not verified)
i have chekket itand I think

i have chekket itand I think it is a false alarm i have scanned it wirh norton, panda, trand micro and norman scanner, and no one find anything.

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Similiar results here

I have scanned the same or similar files & folders with Trend and Norton and neither of them seem to be worried. I scanned the same with ClamWin and it reports that a trojan.Small-152 was found. But I can not find anything on the Net or security sites about Small-152 other than it is an alias for variant of the trojan Downloader.Win32. My ClamWin is also indicating that it is file "\PortableOpenOffice\openoffice\program\mozz.dll: Trojan.Small-152 FOUND", and has found it in version 2.0.0 and version 2.0.1.

It has me concerned but not terribly worried as I have been using portable OpenOffice for over three months and my A/V's haven't caught anything trying to sneak in.

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John T. Haller
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ClamWin false positives

Like Avast and AntiVir, ClamWin has issues with false positives in UPX-compressed DLLs and EXEs.

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