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encrypt mailboxes?

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encrypt mailboxes?

I telecommute and use a number of desktops and laptops. I've really enjoyed having my email with me via a USB drive. I worry though, what could happen if I ever lost the drive - most likely someone would just wipe it clean for their own use, but what if they did go through my mail?

From searching around through the forums, it appears that there are some ways of encrypting drives, most of which require administrative rights, though some more complex methods may avoid this (?). But it is really just my email that I'm concerned about.

The Thunderbird Master Password appears to block access to stored passwords, but not stored email. So unless I've just missed something, I guess I'm making a feature request. I'd like to see the email storage files encrypted, using the Master Password or an additional password. Maybe this should be posted at

Or is there already some simple way to do what I want?


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Encrypting drives

I always worry about losing my USB drive (or forgetting to remove it when I'm done somewhere) so I have all my data encrypted using Truecrypt. The entire drive can be encrypted, or you can create a container file in any size you wish. The encryption methods use known ciphers to encrypt your data, and the software is also free and open-source.

You will, however, need administrator rights to be able to mount the container file as a virtual drive, unless Truecrypt has already been installed on the computer you're using. You can set Truecrypt to run in Traveler Mode so that the container file is automatically mounted when you insert your drive.

I find the software very easy to use, and I feel safe knowing that if I lost my drive, my data is highly encrypted. PortableApps and Truecrypt make a powerful combination.

For more information on Truecrypt, go to

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