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Modify 'Upgrade Firefox' help text to stress the importance of folder mapping

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Modify 'Upgrade Firefox' help text to stress the importance of folder mapping

Please consider making upgrade help text a little more clearer about exactly where to place profile settings if the folder location is changing. I took me about 20 minutes to figure out why my upgrade didn't take and where to put all of the necessary files after about 3 re-reads of the instructions to see the new folder scheme.

Thanks! 8)

John T. Haller
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It is

It says it right on the page. I can't really make it any clearer than it is.

"To upgrade to a newer version of Portable Firefox, make a copy of your existing profile folder within the PortableFirefox\profile directory on your portable drive. Then download the new version of Portable Firefox and copy your profile from the old version into the new version within PortableFirefox\Data\profile. If you added any plugins or searchplugins, you should copy those directories as well (PortableFirefox\plugins to PortableFirefox\Data\plugins and PortableFirefox\firefox\searchplugins to PortableFirefox\App\firefox\searchplugins)."

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