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Trying to recover mail - TBP

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Trying to recover mail - TBP

After using a hotel’s internet service, TBP opens but does not display any folders and will not connect. Error message displays “could not initialize browser’s security component.. most likely cause problems with files in browser’s profile directory…” Going to account settings all appear to be in order.

Going to app folder, opening Data, I do not find any mail files.

Upon checking Firefox Portable find that app will not open and cannot open the application folder: “cannot access...” Could not uninstall app and was required to change folder name and install another FFP to test if T-bird could be used, but no change.

I am ready to overwrite the entire suite if necss but want to save my mail files (if they remain.)

Any ideas?

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X://whatever Folder/PortableThunderbird/data/profile/Mail

Does that folder exist? If not, did you tell TBP where you wanted your mail stored?

It will tell you under (click the account name) "view settings for this account" is under "server settings" it will have a path at the bottom like this:

"E:\\Netscape\\Users\\arizona480\\Mail\\" for mine.

If you can't find it, open pref.js with Notepad (or even better, Notepad+++ Portable) and look for an entry like this:

user_pref("" "E:\\Netscape\\Users\\arizona480\\Mail\\")

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Recovering lost mail folders

I had the same problem. I expect I pulled the USB out before the mail client finished saving the settings. I tried chkdsk /f & /r but it didn't work for me. I was able to use another recovery program (not sure if I can say this or not but it was Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive) and recovered all the mail folders and data. There are many programs available to recover lost or corrupted files from a usb drive that work much better than chkdsk.

I'm now reinstalling the mail client b/c it isn't working properly but at least I was able to retrieve the mail folders and data.

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