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A portable app to sync files between computer and usb

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A portable app to sync files between computer and usb

i just started using portable apps.. some of the apps like firefox and thunderbird have default setting changed(like no email address added to addressbook on mail send or no history for web addresses) to reduce number of writes to usb.

Can I have a portable app that I can use to sync files between computer and usb. So when I start working in office I run the sync app and all the usb data is copied to the computer. I use this portable apps from my computer so I dont need to reduce number of writes. When I am done I sync the folder to update any changed files to the usb. I take my usb home and do the same sequence. This way I reduce the number of writes. The app could have an option to delete files securily from the computer after sync( useful when working from a shared pc).

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Already exists...

Use robocopy which comes as a part of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools (Freely downloadable, at least today, from
I have a batch file which prompts where to save backup, which I run from PStart with a parameter of %pdrive%, and renames the logfile. Robocopy only copies changed files, so is REALLY quick.

@echo off
cd \backup
set defaultdest=D:\Thumbdrive
set /p dest=Enter destination path [%defaultdest%]
if "%dest%" == "" (
set dest=%defaultdest%
echo Backing up %1\ to %dest%...
robocopy %1\ %dest% *.* /LOG+:"backup.log" /X /MIR /NP /R:2 /W:5 /COPY:DAT
set var1=%TIME:~0,1%
set hour=%TIME:~0,2%
if "%var1%" == " " (
set hour=0%TIME:~1,1%
ren backup.log "TD%DATE:~6,4%-%DATE:~3,2%-%DATE:~0,2%_%hour%.%TIME:~3,2%.%TIME:~6,2%.log"

Hope this helps. It could be modified to copy the other way if required.


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Hey John,

can you change this to a pre instead of a code?
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saurabh411 (not verified)
i was thinking of a portable

i was thinking of a portable app that could do this.. so that i always have it on my usb drive..
i found similar discussion in this thread :

Entire USB Drive Sync Program at

i am going to try the tools mentioned here to see which suits my need..

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