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new version OpenOffice2.4

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new version OpenOffice2.4

could someone make the new Openoffice 2.4 portable please...thanks in advance.

Patrick Patience
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Hey matro, welcome to

There's actually a pre-release of Portable 2.4 right here.

In future, it's best not to ask for updates as we normally already know about them.


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my bad

thanks, my apologies. Smile

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The German build provided under the URL above ...

is corrupt and does not work.

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Say more?

Could you say a bit more?

  • Did you left-click or right-click on the link?
  • Did you see the Sourceforge "Downloading" page?
  • Did the MD5 hash or the code's signature tell you it was bad?
  • When you went to run it did Windows say it was bad?

The most likely cause of "corrupt" is right click and download on that link, which just gets you the HTML page from Sourceforge. You need to left-click and follow the link to Sourceforge.

The next most likely cause is that the mirror (download distribution point) has a bad copy of the file; if that is the case, right click in the Firefox's download manager and see the URL in the "From" field, copy and paste it here.

If that is hard to understand, the folks in the German language forums might be able to make it clearer, or might want to know about the problem.

PS: I just downloaded the file from

The MD5 hash did not match and there was no digital signature. So perhaps the mirrors do have a bad copy...

edit 2: Maybe it's just me, but I get the same thing when I download the en-us version: the file seems big enough, but the MD5 hash doesn't match and there is no digital signature on the file.


John T. Haller
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So, reply there

So, reply in that thread, not in this one. This thread is not about the pre-releases.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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