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Sync Sunbird and Thunderbird with PPC

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Sync Sunbird and Thunderbird with PPC

Just in case someone else is looking for a way to sinc the 3 look here

Any chance someone could tell me how to make it portable? Like a java command line something like c:\blah\blah\javaw.exe c:\blah\blah\finchsync.jar
so I won't have to install Java.

Bruce Pascoe
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You'll STILL have to install Java.

While you may be able to make the application portable, portability for the Java VM is not possible, mainly because the installer creates a Godzillion registry entries and as far as I know, the VM won't work without them.

The Sun Java VM must be the most bloated piece of software I've ever seen.

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another way to sync
thunderbird plug in
still under developement but works for me.

edit: nevermind, just noticed it deleted all contacts from the ppc. Guess, I'll wait for the next version....

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Your problem

I am the developer of SmartSync extension.

An email describing the problem you've met and how to provoke it again will be well appreciated.

The extension is still in the earliest phases of the development, however I didn't experienced the problem you are referring to. Any comment on the extension's website or directly in my email will be useful for me.

Thank you

Rob Loach
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Keep it up!

I'd love to see development of this extension continue. Keep it going!

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects] [Blog]

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