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vTute Recorder

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vTute Recorder

Program: vTute Recorder 1.0
License: Freeware
Type: Video Tutorial / Screen Recorder
Portability: standalone 54kb exe, no virus, spyware, or adds. Doesn't write to registry or log files.

This program, allows you to capture your screen and record audio to produce a flash video (FLV). It is intended to allow anyone to easily create their own flash video tutorials and share them with other users online freely.It is a standalone application, so no instalation is required, and the executable size is 53kb.The application supports recording in several screen resolutions, or screen areas.

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freeware = problem

Currently, only open-source software may be made into an official portableapp. If it doesn't write any settings then maybe it won't even need to be packaged.


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nice but

first problem I found with it is unfortunately just with the portable apps menu. When tried to make some recording where such menuwas flipping out, th emenu sim,ply started flip up and down all the time, so it looks still quite beta stuff.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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