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Ditch the custom paths

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Bruce Pascoe
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Ditch the custom paths

Would it be possible to ditch the custom path options in the INIs? Right now PAF launchers are too complicated with all the app-specific folder paths read from the INI, making the launcher very hard to templatize in the same fashion as the installer currently is.

Since it seems nobody uses the custom paths anymore (not even me, as OCD as I am when it comes to stuff like that...) and using an INI at all breaks DefaultData thanks to the feature (meaning DefaultData gets disabled even if all I want to do is turn off the splash!), wouldn't it make sense to just remove it...?

Patrick Patience
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I'm with you on ditching the paths, just don't ditch the custom exe name.

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that would make the launchers a whole lot easier!

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Ryan McCue
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Most of the launchers I have been writing don't include them.

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