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My flash drive icon has been stolen!

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My flash drive icon has been stolen!

Don't get me wrong, PortableApps is amazing-- just what I have been looking for. All of the softwares that come with it I use on a daily basis. (Besides maybe winMd5Sum lol) But I noticed that portable apps took the name of my drive, changing it to "PortableApps" instead of "DDISK" and then changed the icon to the PortableApps logo. Is there any way to change it back?

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Well if

Well if you still have the icon or whatever pic you were using just open up the autorun.inf and change the part where it says ICON=PortableApps\PortableAppsMenu\PortableAppsMenu.exe to....
Icon="IconName.ico" where you change iconname to the name of the icon you want to show up for your drive.Hope that helps.:smile:
Edit: almost forgot also in the autorun.inf change the LABEL=Portableapps
Label="Whatevernameyouwant" I have mine as my name so if I lose my drive at school.Then save and take out then put back in flash drive to show changes.

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just delete the Label= line if you want Windows to just show the volume label.

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