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Most toolbar icons & menus blanked on 2.4 installation

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Most toolbar icons & menus blanked on 2.4 installation

I just installed ver.2.4 on top of 2.0.4 portable and here's what I got on all apps:
I'm new to OpenOffice, but
obviously this is wrong.
WinXP Pro SP2 (naturally). Any ideas?

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Take a look at and see if it applies.

And welcome to portable apps. Smile

You may notice that a lot of people suggest that everyone uses the search feature, but I'm not going to tell you that, since I was only able to find this answer in search so easily because I new the solution, rather than just the problem Wink (And if I didn't add this comment, someone else would only chime in suggesting that you search before posting Wink )

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Try renaming your OOo user folder

Sometimes I hear some profile setting goes wrong. Try renaming your "user" folder to a different name. Exit OOo fully and rename it, then launch it again and a default one is created.

If that does it you can move things you want chunk by chunk. Maybe try moving everything but the writer toolbar from your old one, and use the default new toolbar folder. If you can, of course do all this on a hard drive as it's so much faster.

D:\_256\PORTABLE APPS\OpenOfficePortable\Data\settings\user


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