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Heavy CPU Usage, no Thunderbird start

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Heavy CPU Usage, no Thunderbird start

I just downloaded Portable Thunderbird
first to synchronize my old PC thunderbird I run PortableThunderbird\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
I copy all mail, installed all extensions, patched to RC2, etc etc ...
then I copy all files from AppData\Thunderbird\...\profile directory into
then I am trying to run PortableThunderbird.exe
everything I get is that PortableThunderbird.exe never runs PortableThunderbird\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe,
PortableThunderbird.exe starts using much CPU (probably as much as it can, like 99%)
interesting thing is when I start second PortableThunderbird.exe (the first one instance is still working and eating much cpu) the second one starts PortableThunderbird\Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe (PortableThunderbird.exe sometimes crash but thunderbird is alywas working fine with that second run)

using WinME ... PortableFF works fine ... where can be the problem ?

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Extension or profile

It's an extension or the profile. Not every local profile can be dropped into Portable Thunderbird, as indicated on the support pages. It *usually* works... but no guarantees. Basically, somewhere in your chrome.rdf file is a line that is hanging the launcher. You'll have to recreate the profile.

Or you can try the 1.5 RC1 version. Back up your profile 1st. Run TB directly first (without PortableThunderbird.exe). Delete your chrome.rdf. Then try it.

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actually I've renamed

actually I've renamed chrome.rdf and it's working now
as mozillazine chrome.rdf is no longer used in FF/Th 1.5

actually I've deleted all files and directories in chrome directory Wink
and it seems to work fine ... thanks for guide

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