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Simplistic Blue Theme

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Zach Thibeau
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Simplistic Blue Theme

Well it's been a while since I last created a good theme so I just made this one
so here it is
Preview is at and to download the full theme is at

Any feedback would be nice Smile

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Looks nice

I only checked the preview, but it looks nice.

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Arkantoz Jr
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Not bad, I have made my own,

Not bad, I have made my own, its green and black.

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Tim Clark
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Preeetty Smile


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i like it, i think there

i like it, i think there should be a download section for themes hosted on this website though, there are a few themes out there but they are spread so far apart...

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thats just what i have bean

thats just what i have bean after thanks Smile

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just upload the themes here
they have a user themes section..;)

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