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Pidgin: Open buddylist from command-line (without using system tray)

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Pidgin: Open buddylist from command-line (without using system tray)

Hi All,
I am currently using Pidgin Portable 2.4.1 on windows xp machine.

In version 2.1.1, running Pidgin Portable through GUI or CLI resulted in opening of Buddy List ( if the application is already open and i am logged in )

However, while using Pidgin Portable 2.4.1, same action resulted in opening of a new instance.

Does anybody know how to open buddylist without using system tray?

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The non portable

version should act exactly as you want. They even fixed an issue preventing the buddy list from appearing if the pidgin.exe was run again. But I guess for the portable version to act alike, John has to change something within thew Launcher.

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