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Exiting Portable Apps program

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Exiting Portable Apps program

When exiting the program the following instructions are given - Always wait until the drive access light has stopped blinking and then click the icon in your system tray to 'Safely Remove' your device. When I follow these instructions I get the message "the device volume cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later". Later never comes and I end up just unplugging the USB device. Is there something I am missing or is this the only way to stop the Portable Apps program.

Bruce Pascoe
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This is a bug in Windows for which no fix is currently available. If, after the third time trying to safely remove and no programs or files are open on the drive (and the access light isn't blinking), then it's generally safe to just pull it.

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Sometimes there´s a..

Sometimes there´s a ghost process or sub process still running
- adobe reader, printer drivers,wget,an app you forgot to close (Pnotes,convey, cafe mod), at last windows explorer
just download unlocker and check your drive (needs admin account)
you can work with the context menu , after install just rightclick the drive in Windows explorer and chose "unlocker" -> a window pops up and gives you the hints and choice what to do.
If it says "no handle found" it might be the recycler problem (usually on a ntfs drive bigger than 4GB)-> close your account or reboot to free your drive, search for the problem in the windows forums: there are some tweaks I don´t remember well

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