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no more microhoo

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no more microhoo

just today yahoo told off mirco$oft and they gave up
M$ offered $33 a share
Yahoo wanted $37
mirco$oft wouldn't go for it

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Now Google definetly has a chance to become the most trafficked site.
4 dollars times several thousand shares.
I wonder why.

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It'll still happen

I think that Microsoft is going to wait until Yahoo's stock price takes a huge dive, and then they're going to offer $25 a share or something like that. Microsoft is really adamant that they're getting Yahoo!, and that means it's going to happen, I'm sorry to say. Steve Ballmer will do anything within his power to get Yahoo, and I think that means that if this fails, he'll go hostile.

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Yahoo! can not be that valuable? What would they do with it? I guess they want to tap into younger markets MSN is a pretty boring service (Former MSN user). This being that I don't know much about business.

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