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Unable to use tb at work

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Unable to use tb at work

After reading about portable apps in a magazine I thought I would give it a try using thunderbird portable on my usb stick. I already have tb on my main pc and am able to download messages. I used the same settings on the usb and am able to use tb portable on my home pc, but I cannot access my email at work. I'm wondering if I should have set it up on my usb differently or if it is a work access problem?

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Most likely it will be a firewall problem

The best way to be sure would be to talk to the technical guys where you work.

Ask them if you're allowed to run a personal email app, and, if so, they may even be able to help you set it up.

If they say that you are, but you still can't get it working, could you give us more details of the problem?

What OS is on the machine? Does TBP run at all? Is there any specific error message?

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