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How to remove Items From Menu ?

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How to remove Items From Menu ?

so I copied my office Folder to my Memory card & it works. the problem is, that the menu displys 8 items from my office folder (Im using only 2 word/exel). How do I get rid of all others? I cant simply delete them psychically, since they are word/exel modules.

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right now

you cant. The menu picks up every exe thats in a folder in the same parent as the menu. BUt its rumoured that the next version will have the "removing entries feature".

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K should not be so hard, like 5 min work. just do something like this:

get exe files & write to ini/xml as follows:

iniwrite ( myapp.exe, True )

then read ini/xml to fill menu with items

$a = iniread( myapp.exe )
if $a = true then [add item]

& if user deletes item from menu just write

iniwrite ( myapp.exe, False)

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please explain this better

please explain this better cause i am new to can i remove entries from the menu ???? is there any other launcher worth it apart from pstart which i don't like with this feature?

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you can't right now, except

you can't right now, except by deleting the application. The post above was meant as an example as a way this feature could be added.

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