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How to update from platform 1.0 to 1.1

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How to update from platform 1.0 to 1.1


I have always update all the portable appplication program when was come out, now it's stay the possibility just to make the update of the platform 1.1 without need to re-install all the programs ?

Thanks in advance.

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Just download and install the platform

Go to the download page and click on the download button for the platform, then run the installer.

Simple as that.

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but part of the installation ...

problem or hesitancy is what it installs. So if I have the older versions of programs, does it automatically install or does it ask me for each program? Does it replace my themes that I already use?

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All data is preserved for all portable apps. The Suite contains the latest versions of all included apps.

If you mean themes for the Menu... they're still unofficial so they will be replaced but you can copy them back in easily if you'd like.

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Sunbird and Thunderbird on new platform

Please forgive my ignorance. I installed my portable apps into the new platform menu, however, neither Sundbird nor Thunderbird carried over the information. Thankfully, I still have the data (accessible by opening the Sunbird and Thunderbird folders without using the menu). Does anyone know how to transfer the information (calendar events and address book) over to the new platform? Thank you in anticipation of someone's help.--Jay


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Problem in computer ....

I upgrade to 1,1 and then something happen in my computer, so when I click on program then launch not quit, it did before.
When i will install program computer hangs I can not do anything.

In my other computer its ok .

What will I look after ??

I have use this since Dec 2006 ....

I have copy back to 1,0 from my backup and problem its not gone.

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