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Newly introduced eject feature

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Newly introduced eject feature


I just wanted to thank you regarding the introduction of the eject functionnality. I used the Platform 1.0 for a while and was a bit annoyed that such a feature wasn't available, so I switched to Portable Start Menu from another developer. At the moment I think Portable Start Menu has the most user-friendly and most efficient eject feature from all the portable application launchers.

I know the 1.1 Platform just came out, but I would like to see the eject feature to evolve in that direction. To be more precise, gracefully close the opened files on the current USB key with a visual indicator there is something going on (number of softwares still opened), and then automatically eject the USB key with a prompt to remove it.

An example of the software can be found here

Thanks again for all those portable applications, I use a lot of them daily.

John T. Haller
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The eject feature right now was just to have something that works in there. There's no solid open source eject feature at the moment (PSMenu is closed source/proprietary). We have one coming in the next release, though.

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Thanks for the clarification,

Thanks for the clarification, I'll keep an eye on the project.

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Eject feature improvements

I like the eject feature. Can it automatically eject the device instead of linking you to the eject menu...that would be much faster

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one post

above yours, John said that there will be something like that in the 1.5 release of the Platform.

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