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Installing Quicktime Plugin in Portable FireFox

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Installing Quicktime Plugin in Portable FireFox

Has anyone successfully installed the quicktime plug-in for portable FireFox and if so how do you achieve this as the plugin manager says that it has to be a manual install which directs me to download the iTunes setup file ?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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have you tried this way: -

have you tried this way:
- install (not-Portable) Firefox on your HDD
- install QT plugin using just installed Firefox
- go to that Firefox\Plugins directory
- copy proper DLL files to your PortableFirefox\plugins directory
- exit Firefox and run Portable version and check if it works

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QT must be installed!

Quick Time must be installed on the guestcomputer, otherwise you can't use it. If QT is installed, PFF will find plugins by itself.

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I've got QT installed...

...on my home PC, and whenever a quicktime based movie appears on a page, I get a 'Plugin required' error, and FF can't figure out what plugin I need.


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Copy these

Copy npqtplugin.dll, npqtplugin2.dll, npqtplugin3.dll, QuickTimePlugin.class from your local FF plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins) to PortableFirefox\Data\plugins and it'll work on any PC with a close version of QuickTime installed. If it isn't working with your local copy of FF... reinstall QuickTime and, if that doesn't work, ask on mozillaZine.

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FireFox Plugin

It would be really nice if two versions could be created.
One which you have now.
Two would contain all plugins such as Macromedia Flash Player and Quicktime.

Just my two cents.


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Can't do it.

It would violate Mozilla's trademark redistribution policies.

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Not to mention the headache

Not to mention the headache of updating pluginversions in addition to the launcher and Firefox itself.


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Quicktime alternative

Install quicktime alternative and copy the content of the plugin folder in the portable one.
This will permit you also to save the quicktime files in specific folder.


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Quicktime file pack link

I have found a site where all you need to do is download a zip file with all the files needed to play quicktime. Just extract the zip fileinto the plugins folder in your firefox DIR.

files included

* npnul32.dll
* npqtplugin2.dll
* npqtplugin.dll
* QuickTimePlugin.class

It worked for me.

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These four files aren't enough to play QuickTime. You can tell just by the size of the files alone that they're merely stubs (they redirect to the local QT). No, you need all the stuff that QT installs in \Program Files\QuickTime (over 70MB of files) to play QuickTime, and I'm pretty sure lots of the files in there have to be registered, so you can't just copy them in, either. I suspect it only worked for you with those few files because you tested it on a computer with QT already installed. Try it on one without--I can almost guarantee it won't work.

Also: npnul32.dll isn't part of QuickTime. It's the "Mozilla default plugin"--the one that handles unknown file types.

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