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Eraser startup registry key

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Eraser startup registry key

Sometime in the past I set up Eraser Portable to run on startup. I have since unchecked that, but there still remains a registry key from it. I don't want any registry key ever (perhaps that is deemed acceptable for auto startup?), but I certainly don't want a key left behind when the program startup feature is unchecked.

Can this be changed, or at least a warning notice display when the box is checked?

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Enabling auto-startup will in

Enabling auto-startup will in fact create a registry key. The key should still exist, just with a different value if you have it enabled, and then disabled. If left disabled by default, that key should never exist. For now, manually delete the key it created, leave auto-startup turned off, and the key should not be recreated.

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Don't Do That

You shouldn't set ANY portable app to run at startup. What you're doing is actually setting the regular app contained in the portable app at startup which will cause unpredictable results.

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John should have mentioned

John should have mentioned that if you are running portableapps off your local drive and you wish for them to run on startup you should create a shortcut to the launcher and put it in "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" or the equivalent folder for your OS version. Smile

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