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configurable menue highly desired

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configurable menue highly desired

so I could get rid of all the undesired "inno setup" and "uninstall" exe-links.

Also nice to have would be integration of any filetype to be launched from the menue (e.g. my TiddlyWikis).

Anyhow - the PortableApps thing is a great invention and I really appreciate it.


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You can

You can utilize the portable apps menu (pam) patches to do these things.

It allows theme support, ability to rename, hide and group applications and many other useful options.

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uninstalls can simply be deleted..

uninstalls can simply be deleted and are hidden by the 1.1 release, innosetups could be hidden in folders or deleted,too. The mods do a good job, but they aren´t supported officially. Links see post above .

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