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Transfer Settings From Portable

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Transfer Settings From Portable

Hi All,
Since FF3 came out, I've been tinkering with settings and extensions till I was happy with FF3 using portableapps. Since I am now ready to install FF3 on my desktop, is there a way to take the customizations I've worked on in FF3 portable apps and transfer them to FF3 on my desktop without starting over and dl'ing all those extension and customizations all over again?

Thanks in advance,


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You sure can!

You bet you can!

This is how I'd do it (don't worry - it only looks complicated):

1) Install Firefox 3 onto your desktop

2) Start Firefox 3, then close it.

3a) Open up explorer (i.e., 'My Computer') and type the following into the address bar and then press Enter: %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

3b) There you will see a folder named something like "x8n3f92f.default" This is where your profile is stored locally. Double click on this.

3c) Select all of the contents of that folder. Delete them - don't worry, it'll be OK.

4a) Now open another instance of explorer. Navigate to the location of your already setup Firefox Portable. Go to the x:/FirefoxPortable/Data/Profile folder.

4b) Within that "Profile" folder you'll see a bunch of files. This is where your profile is stored for your Portable version. Select them all and copy them (i.e., Edit -> copy or Ctrl+c).

5) Go back to your already open %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\x8n3f92f.default window. Paste the previous window's contents here (i.e., Edit -> paste or Ctrl+v).

6) Go ahead and close all of the open windows and start up the local installation of Firefox. Viola! You've just done it! a side note, please see my recent post about automatically doing this very same thing, but in reverse:

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Worked Fine But!

All my extensions and layouts on my toolbar copied to FF# perfectly. My only problem now is that I no longer have my FF2 bookmarks and scrapbook in FF3. How can I retrieve them?

Thanks again for your help


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To transfer your bookmarks:

  1. Open FFP3
  2. In FFP3 go "Bookmarks" -> "Organize Bookmarks" -> "Import and Backup" -> "Export HTML"
  3. Close FFP3
  4. Open FF3 local
  5. In FF3 local go "Bookmarks" -> "Organize Bookmarks" -> "Import and Backup" -> "Import HTML"
  6. Point it to where you saved the FFP3 bookmarks

As for your scrapbook, I don't know since I don't use it.

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why didn't you ...

try out the testing process using ffp 3.0 from this website first on your harddrive? Then you could have copied the whole thing onto your usb. Smile

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