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Seamonkey 1.0

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Maximilian Rein...
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Seamonkey 1.0

There is Thunderbird Portable, Firefox Portable, Nvu Portable - So why don't you put them together in Seamonkey Portable?

John T. Haller
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Very different animal

Seamonkey doesn't support the -profile switch that all the other Mozilla apps do. And it stores full paths in binary config files (Why? I don't know.) that would be very difficult to update every time you switch PCs.

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For Fx/Tb/Other, what about

For Fx/Tb/Other, what about a specially authored combined launcher? Maybe a series of extensions to tie them together, like Launchy?

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I'm for this as well

Launchy is a nice extension when you want to do something other than your normal action (such as clicking on a link), but for everyday use, it is quite annoying. That is the one reason I like the SeaMonkey idea (funny how things go round. I left Mozilla Suite to go to Phoenix, the pre-Firefox incarnation of the Mozilla stand alone browser, precisely because it defaulted to the in-suite components).

Using Portable Firefox and Thunderbird, can get frustating (even when Launchy is installed), precisely because in an attempt to leave no mark on the computer, including default program handlers, the action one takes on one's own computer are different than on the Portable App's host computer.

This a very long way of saying, go for the combined launcher with tie-in. Perhaps RegRapper would work, or some open-source varient. A possible advantage would be the addition Portable App launcher could be dispensed with.

Ryan McCue
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I had a beta version which automatically changed the drive letter, but I lost it.
It's pretty easy but you need the XML reader plugin. I think I used the one based on TinyXML.
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