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Auto Starting Several Apps with Portable Apps Menu

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Auto Starting Several Apps with Portable Apps Menu

Hi there,

Is there a way to automatically launch several often used programs when Portable Apps Menu is launched? Kind of having a "startup" folder within PAM itself.


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there are several

-using clamwin portable as scanner on plugin + clamwinautoupdater (read the post)
-R31 Mod can autostart apps with starting the menu (just rightclick on the desired app with in the menu and choose autostart)

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Right now

what you want isnt possible with the official Menu, but as wk mentioned, there are several other ways that might work.

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"New" Feature

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I would piggy back on this one. I know that an autostart feature is being worked on for a future release, but I was wondering if it could include the ability to manually bypass it? I use one of the other mods, which does include a feature to autostart whichever program you want when it starts, but there are times that I need to restart the menu, but I don't shut down any of the programs that were autostarted, so it can sometimes create problems once the menu is restarted. Having the ability to bypass that feature (like holding down the shift key for instance) when the menu starts would be a good idea.

BTW, having the ability to start certain programs when the menu starts combined with John's script that automatically starts portableapps when the drive is plugged in is a great way to start my morning. Everything just starts working as soon as I get to work and plug in my thumb drive!

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