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Viewing options in Vista

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Jacob Mastel
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Viewing options in Vista

In XP you can set the options in a folder such as what size you want your icons and what you want them ordered by (type, size, etc) but I don't see how to do this is Vista. Is there a way to do it and I'm just not seeing it? Oh and please no comments about how bad Windows and Vista are, or how great Linux is please.

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3rd party software?

I do know there is a way, but i have no idea what that way is, or if it was 3rd party software,but i saw 1 of my friends do something. I will try to find out.
you might try some 5rd party software, like explorer^2 (squared sign) or Windows Explorer (pretty sure that's it's name, but it's a explorer replacement)

this might come in handy

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I know what you are talking

I know what you are talking about. I can't remember exactly offhand as I'm not using vista, nor by my VM with it. But there is a views button on the toolbar in the windows that will allow you to make the change.

When I get back to it, I"ll take a SS for you.

Kevin Porter
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