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Portable encryption software!!!

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Portable encryption software!!!

The perfect portable software for encription would be TrueCrypt

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You didn't finish your

You didn't finish your sentence, you meant to say:
.... would be TrueCrypt if you didn't need to install a driver. On locked down PCs where you don't have administrator privileges you can't install a driver. And when you can't install a driver all your nicely encrypted files stay that way.

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Tis true...

Cryptainer LE also suffers from the same limitation.

Although not something that creates a volume, and it's 128 bit, I use "Remora USB Disk Guard" (they also have something called "Remora USB File Guard"). Not perfect, as it doesn't hide file names or folder names (does change the end of the filename), and when you temporarily decrypt a file within a large group of other files, it isn't the easiest to spot which files to reencrypt, but I think it does a decent job, and it's interface is easy to use (you can encrypt a whole folder at once, or specific files).

Anybody else use this?

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Use bcarchive instead

from . I find it much easier to work with than Remora.

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These could be contenders too

YadaDisk is good for files & folders, and dscrypt is good for just files

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Dekart Private Disk

I am using Dekart Private Disk for File Encryption. There are different version, a free and some commercial versions.
The free version only supports AES-128 and only one container at once.
They also provide informations to start Private Disk when connecting the stick to the computer.

They are all portable and do not require admin rights. Their applications are very user friendly.

Just give them a try!


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Omziff encryption seems to

Omziff encryption seems to work alright, although I haven't used it much. I fot it at i think.

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AxCrypt would work better as a Portable

I'm not too sure about that program, but I think that AxCrypt ( ) would probably be a better option since it's small to begin with & only requires about 5 MB's of space (HD/RAM) to run normally.

Just my 200 bytes here.


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AxCrypt2Go is even more promising

AxCrypt is good. The new AxCrypt2Go sounds promising, as it is "completely rewritten, faster and it runs without installation, from a USB-driver or any other media."

Download the alpha release/community preview from:

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yadabyte is better

I found it faster and more easy to use (from doesn't give so much of bytes on a Usb stick user but is working as silk.

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