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Problem With Downloading From Gmail

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Problem With Downloading From Gmail

When i use portable thunderbird it says that it connected, but it never downloads the mail. if i exit the program while it is connecting it "kills" the connection. this prevents me from downloading my mail.

Note: i have checked to make sure that all of my settings, username, and password are correct.

Bruce Pascoe
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You'll have to follow these instructions exactly. Gmail requires certain settings be changed in order to work, specifically SSL on port 995 for POP (incoming) and TLS on port 587 for SMTP (outgoing).

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gmail problem

I've on rare occasions seen the same problem. I am confident it is a gmail problem as I tested known back-ups with similar results. I use PTB sans themes and exstensions to limit variables.


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It's actually port 465 for

It's actually port 465 for SMTP, according to:

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John T. Haller
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Not if you use TLS

And you SHOULD be using TLS... unless you want your GMail login and password flying over the internet unencyrpted.

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