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App resets options

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App resets options


first: Greats apps, I use them for a about a year now, nothing but good things to say. Thanks for all your work.

My question (and this bugs me for a while now):

All user-settings (e.g. last documents, the way OOo handles auto-correction, the way it substitutes quotation marks etc.) are set back to default once I close the program. There seem to be no way to save my settings.

Now I understand OOo doesn't write to the registry but any change to the tools bars is saved perfectly.

My question: How do I save the "user-settings" (for the lack of a better word).


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try uncheck

Hey, New_one.

Just a suggestion that may solve your problem with substitution of quotation marks: try Menu: Tools -> Options and choose Load/Save in the Options dialog window, pick General and uncheck "Load user-specific settings with the document" on the right side and then OK... And now check that your quotation marks substitution is ok. Quit. Start OOo anew and create a new document, test it. It should function properly...

I think, if the property "Load user-specific settings with the document" is checked, then the properties one changed while editing will only apply to this one document. But I'm not sure...

Hope that's a bit of help.

Happy OOo'ing,

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