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Disable Splash Screen for all applications

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Disable Splash Screen for all applications


is it possible to disable the splash screen for all applications on Portable Apps?

Kevin Porter
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INI File

In the AppNamePortable folder, go to Other, and then Source, and you will find an AppNamePortable.ini. You can then copy that to your AppNamePortable folder. Open the INI file and change the "DisableSplashScreen=false" entry to "true". Unfortunately you must do this individually for each application. Also, it is necessary to use the application's own INI. For example, I must use Firefox Portable's INI for Firefox Portable. I can't use Thunderbird Portable's INI file.

You can generally find help for such topics as this by using the search feature of the site found in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Smile

Hope to have helped.

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OK thanks it helped

OK thanks it helped

Windows XP SP2
Thunderbird 2.0 Portable
Firefox 3.0

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No Effect

i try to edit the AppsPortable.ini based on the instruction to change the disablesplash=false to "true". And i still get the splash appear everytime i open my application.


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What App

are you talking about and could you post the content of you ini?

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Did you moved the ini file to

Did you moved the ini file to the location where the application exe file is placed? The ini delivered ist just an example, and id doesnt have a affect in the location where it was delivered.

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