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Photoshop 7

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Photoshop 7

I know it isn't open source... and maybe not even possible at all... But it would be awesome if there were a way to stick Photoshop 7 on a USB key drive, or whatever to use on any computer you want to use it on.

I hate having to connect to my computer remotely (using Remote Desktop Connection) to use Photoshop 7, and then have it be all laggy and crap.

But once again, I don't think there is a way to do this because of registry keys, etc. Just a suggestion though. Or rather, something to look into.

febalci (not verified)
A quick search on google

A quick search on google will give you:
Although you might be having trouble with the license issues since it is not freeware or shareware, PS7 is kinda portable if you consider the issues written in the above address.

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but it still needs registry

but it still needs registry

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rellimdr (not verified)
I tried doing photoshop like

I tried doing photoshop like that. It worked fine on the XP computer i normally use,but when I tried to add the registry file to my ME machine it gave me a error and wouldnt go any farther.

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