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Better Sync "Source & Destination" windows, PLEASE!

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Better Sync "Source & Destination" windows, PLEASE!

Dear friend,
recently I installed the 2.0 release, but finally I came back to the release 1.2.2
WHY? I found very bad the preview window of the files destined to be synchronized.
BECAUSE, to have an idea of the changes it is necessary to open one by one the subdirectories. It would be better to have the possibility to expand all the subdirectories by one click and still better to have the possibility to see only the files interested in changes.
The way in which actually the program work is very difficult after a preview job to give a fast idea of what will be the changes before to accomplish the real sync following job.
Anyway thanks to all the team of Portable Apps for your excellent job.

Steve Lamerton
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the expand all button will be in the next release, good idea. I shall try and get a list of only modified file in for the next major release.

I have also deleted you front page comment as it was exactly the same as this and it would be silly to respond to both Smile

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