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Portable AIM Triton

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Portable AIM Triton

Don't know whether this was requested or not, but can you guys make a Portable AIM Triton? That would be awesome! Smile

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Although I have not developed any portable applications, I have a little bit of an understanding of how it's done. And I don't think that Triton can be made portable. For several reasons:

1) It isn't open source (and thus you can't legally modify it... I think)
2) I'm pretty sure it requires an AOL Connectivity service to be running. Since that requires access to the computer's services.exe, I'm pretty sure it can't be done.

I could certainly be wrong, though Smile

I would suggest taking a look at Gaim or Miranda IM... both of those support AIM and are open source and portable. (Just look at the apps hosted on the left)

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also try gaim It is an open source IM client that will let you use AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and other common/not so common programs. I use the full version and I love it.

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If you're just looking for an AIM Client, TerraIM is a fabulous client. It fits on a floppy disk (648 kb) and it's a single .exe that runs (no install required). It works really well and has a nice set of features.

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