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Google Toolbar Problem

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Google Toolbar Problem

I'm sorry if this post should be in google's page, but i have tried FFportable 2 & 3 with google toolbar & in both the same problem: when i have an icon for a personalized search, it only appear in my firefox in the computer/partition I created the icon. Is anyone having this problem or know how to solve it?


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Google Toolbar is not portable, it saves its data on the local hard drive in way which can't be redirected.

EspaÑaks (not verified)
Aw.........and the Google

Aw.........and the Google toolbar isn't GPL, is it?

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I don't know if you ever solved your problem but you could always try googlebar.

EspaÑaks (not verified)
yes, it seems well. but the

yes, it seems well. but the only thing I use of the Gtoolbar is the quick gbookmarks (yes, all that gsomething are on purpose)access & that doesn't seems to be included. anyway, i have recently beginned to use Opera@usb & i think it's a better image of what i consider a good web browser..


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