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FileZilla: Running from R/O source

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FileZilla: Running from R/O source


I've tryed to install filezilla portable on a network share where users have only read access.
I've copy the file filezillaportable.ini in the same directory as the launcher and change the setting "SkipBackups=false" as explained in the read me file.

But I've always errors saying that the files *.xml could'nt be writen ? ...

Please help ...

Thanks in advance.

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same problem

I'm having the same problem (see "Live CD Problem"). It appears that either the functionality of the filezillaportable.ini had been removed or altered since it was first created. If something has been changed can someone please give an update?

John T. Haller
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FileZilla Itself

FileZilla itself changed with 3.x and no longer supports having settings files in a read-only location. It'll work, you'll just get many error messages. The only way around this would be for us to copy your settings locally and then delete them, which has security implications especially if you save passwords.

SkipBackups is no longer used for anything. It was removed from the readme.txt but was inadvertently left in the sample INI included. I've removed mention of it from the support topic on our website.

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Thanks -- I can quit beating my head against a brick wall now.

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