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John Wayne Goodin
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A portable version can be had at:
Size: 84024 KB

[double post removed - double posting is not tolerated here, please don't let it happen again - thanks - moderator PP]

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Is this official or spam?

This "openoffice RC2" doesn't seems typical of your PA releases

Could a listed moderator either confirm that this is a portableapps official release of RC2 and have it packaged and "advertised" as usual?

Or perhaps move the post out of this forum if it's "from who knows where"? The days of clicking on any old link are gone (or should be), regardless of what site the post shows up at.


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Good try - but it appears only to run on machines that have previously had OpenOffice installed on them. If you try it on a "green" machine, then it simply doesn't run. My sample size is one machine only - but I believe you have a fatal flaw with this implementation of OpenOfficePortable.

Further, I don't want to be negative - but with MarkoMLM doing such great work on OpenOffice Portable, surely it is more sensible to direct your talents to something that is not actively being worked on.

Finally, your implementation is "non-standard". It will probably not get a lot of traction on this site. I would prefer to see a high quality OpenOffice Portable release from MarkoMLM. Apologies for being frank - but that's the way I see it.


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This should probably be

This should probably be removed . . .
OpenOffice.Org is actively being developemd by MarkoMLM

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Portable Open Office for Linux

There is a way to run Open Office in LINUX without installation, in PENDRIVE or CD/DVD (there is a LINUX PPORTABLE version, must be a JAVA VM installed)? Who can help me?

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