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AbiWord: Fonts location

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AbiWord: Fonts location

Somehow the portable version should look for the fonts on the flash drive or the host computer. It now looks at the host computer for the windows font file, if I have used fonts that are not on the host then I have a problem with display of the fonts.

And yes I know the fix is to use the default fonts on standard windows install.

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You could try my Fonts

You could try my Fonts Portable. It loads fonts from Data\fonts.

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Font Location


Thank you very much. This App works great and provides me with the solution I was looking for. Only one caution, that would be to have a "fonts" file that is small in size. Otherwise you could run out of memory fast because the app loads the font file directly into system memory. Also if you have a large font file it takes time to load all of the file, wait untill its done loading be for going on with the word processor ect..

Nice work John.....

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( … )

*** Fonts ***
Adding a geekmenu\data\PortableFonts directory and copying TrueType font files to that directory will cause font to be registered to the local PC while is running.

– but then you would, of course, have to run I do, and it works like a charm. (When I leave work - and remember to take my memory stick with me - my colleagues cannot put my signature on the Weekly Jobs List, because that is a glyph from a font which is only in the PortableFonts directory.)

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Y not look at....

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