7-Zip Portable 4.42 Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on August 24, 2006 - 12:25am

7-Zip logo7-Zip Portable 4.42 has been released as a multilingual package. It's the handy 7-Zip file archiver packaged as a portable app, so you can work with your compressed files on the go from your USB flash drive, iPod or portable hard drive. It has all the same great features as 7-Zip including support for multiple file formats (7z, ZIP, BZIP, RAR, etc), an easy-to-use file manager and more. Plus, it leaves nothing behind on the PC you use it on. It even supports running from a CD. Read on for all the details...

Live/CD Support - 7-Zip Portable supports running from a CD or other read-only media right out of the box, making it easy to carry with you. Just be sure to run it once locally and download the latest definitions before burning it to CD. Full details are in the support topic on Running from a CD.

In-Place Upgrades - 7-Zip Portable supports the ability to do an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract the next release right over your existing installation of 7-Zip Portable without losing any of your settings and it'll Just Work.

Partial WINE Support - 7-Zip Portable can be installed and used in WINE running under your favorite UNIX/Linux distro. There will be some visual defects in the toolbars preventing the display of the address bar and the directory up button. This can be partially worked around by enabling the ".." option within Tools - Options - Settings.

Grab a Copy

The new release of 7-Zip Portable is available for immediate download from the 7-Zip Portable homepage.

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Thanks so much, been waiting for this.
Really appreciate what you do.

Thanks a lot, John. This app might just overtake Firefox Portable as my favourite!

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Really incredible app.
Well done, and thanks!

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a smaller toolbar ... and maybe with a couple of more buttons! ... Those big icons on that big toolbar looks really ugly. Yes, I agree thats the standard one that comes with 7-zip, but since Portable Apps has taken the effort, what not make it a lil more nice to look at.

Another thing I would have liked is a behaviour similar to winzip or izarc or filzip or any of the other apps wherin once I get into a file, it does not by default select the first file/folder ... nothing should be selected and so, when I press extract, the whole file is extracted. Right now, when I get INTO a file, the first file/folder is selected and hence if I click extract only the selected one is extracted. Alternatively I have to select all and then extract!

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As stated in the first comment, all support issues (including suggested enhancements, etc) should be addressed to the support forum, not as comments on a news story.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Haven't commented here before, but thanks for this, John. Had a Portable 7zip program from another site, but this one's much better.