Command Prompt Portable 1.0 Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 4, 2007 - 4:58pm

Sunbird logoCommand Prompt Portable 1.0 has been released. It's a simple utility that allows you to add a link to a customizable command prompt to the menu in the Suite. You can change the colors, prompt, columns, window title and more by editing a simple batch file. And it's packaged in a Installer for easy installation. Get it from the Command Prompt Portable homepage.

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Works well. Leaves nothing.
Nice addition to the Utilities section.
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As always, all support questions should be posted in the forums, NOT as comments on a news story (I always assume people have learned this, but people keep doing it). There is no forum specifically for this yet, so use Other Apps. All support requests in this thread will be removed.

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I found a little mistake in the "Other" folder readme file. In the "ABOUT" section it says "ABOUT VIRTUAL MAGNIFYING GLASS PORTABLE". You might want to fix this.

Aww, great. Now what am I gonna put here?

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Told him that in the beta thread. Tisk tisk.

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I like this, but I need to have the drive letter of the USB drive from which the command prompt it launched. Reason is that I have a pile of command-line utilities in a directory on the USB stick, and I want to modify the startup batch file to prepend this directory to the PATH variable; while at the same time making this portable such that it doesn't matter what drive letter was assigned.

My guess is that the launcher could be modified to export the drive letter variable, or is there a clever batchy way to do the same thing?

thanks Ph4n70m; not exactly what I needed but it pointed me in the right direction to figuring it out:

set PATH=%~d0\handystuff\bin;%PATH%

now I can keep my handy command line tools on the drive as well, and have them in the search path regardless of what drive letter is assigned.

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I almost added in a default path assignment to the batch file, but decided against it. So I made it a helpful tip on the page so everyone can do it if they'd like.

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