PortableApps.com Installer 0.91.4

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Submitted by John T. Haller on June 21, 2009 - 11:22pm

logoPortableApps.com Installer 0.91.4 has been released. The PortableApps.com Installer allows you to quickly package your portable apps in an easy-to-use installer without having to write or compile any code. This release adds Esperanto and fixes two bugs. No changes have been made to the PortableApps.com Format Specification with this release. The PortableApps.com Format Specification and installer are now available for outside developers to use and can be used freely with free open source and freeware applications. Commercial use is available by contacting PortableApps.com.

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PortableApps.com Installer Features

Installer ScreenshotThe PortableApps.com Installer allows you to easily package your portable apps. It features:

  • Proven NSIS installer core
  • Excellent compression for distribution
  • Easy configuration with no coding required
  • Multilingual with 58 Languages
  • Optional sections
  • Automatic integration with the PortableApps.com Platform
  • Works from command line and Send To (just pass the portable app's main directory, e.g. X:\PortableApps\FileZillaPortable)
  • Interactive mode to assist with missing entries
  • Licensed for use with free open source and freeware
  • Commercial use by contacting PortableApps.com

What's New in the Installer?

This release adds Esperanto, fixes a bug with download messages showing blank and fixes an issue with some app names not being accepted. No changes have been made to the PortableApps.com Format with this release other than the addition of plugin installer configuration details.

This update of the PortableApps.com Installer allows software publishers to package their apps using our popular tools. Open source projects can use our installer (and all source is included and licensed under the GPL) and release their own PAF files. Freeware publishers can also use our installer with no special permission. Commercial publishers can contact us for permission.

We'll also be opening up the App Directory to open source, freeware and commercial publishers within the coming weeks, so the sooner you get your software in PortableApps.com Format and out to your users, the better!

Get Help Packaging for PortableApps.com

If you need help packaging your software in PortableApps.com Format or using the PortableApps.com Installer, just post a note to the Development Forum and we'll help you out.

PortableApps.com Installer / PortableApps.com Format

PortableApps.com Installer is packaged, appropriately, as a PortableApps.com Installer so it will automatically detect an existing PortableApps.com installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in PortableApps.com Format, so it automatically works with the PortableApps.com Suite including the Menu and Backup Utility.


The PortableApps.com Installer is available for immediate download from the PortableApps.com Installer homepage. Get it today!

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